Toni Lee completed a degree at UEL gaining first class honours in art in which she was awarded a scholarship to go to The Royal College of Arts to study Contemporary Fine Arts, completed in 2018.

Currently working on various projects as art work is always on the going.

Toni's art is multifaceted showing the mutli layers of talent and mastery, she has accomplished over the years. Her distinctive style flows through the artwork and gives every piece a unique feel. Toni's organic nature ensures that the all of her canvas are handmade covered frames, using oil paints in an unconventional way. Most notably her signature style consists of a large grain wood chip interpretation of her subjects. This is then rendered into a sepia coloured image and hand painted. Toni also uses numerous image interpretation technique to give a fresh and dynamic concept a contemporary edge. Size is not an issue with canvas work ranging from A5 to entire wall installations. 

Her objective is to produce work in numerous formats which provoke and create thought and emotions with the viewer/client.

  1. Original hand painted oil paintings
  2. Rustic canvas packaging
  3. Paintings electronically printed onto canvas in various sizes
  4. Sculptures
  5. Portraits
  6. Installations
  7. Abstract
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